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Tier 1 customer service programs can move from concept to “Live Production” in less than two weeks.


Detailed Right-Fit Assessments and proprietary Remote Agent Certification (RAC) ensures a successful team right from the start.


PCI, HIPAA, and HITECH compliance combined with multi-layered security and controls ensure data protection.


Remote, independent contractor model is more cost-effective and efficient than similar onshore solutions.

Virtual Staffing and the Value of "Homeshoring" 

In 2011, ATAC was founded to challenge the status quo of traditional brick and mortar contact centers. With the goal of enabling virtual work opportunities, ATAC transformed the lives of thousands of people who have enjoyed the flexibility of independent careers while learning even better ways to deliver exceptional customer service. Through ATAC’s proprietary, ISO-compliant Remote Agent Certification, work-at-home agents gain the skills and training they need to perform to their full potential in a virtual customer care environment.

The Future of Work Is Here

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted a customer service delivery challenge that had been brewing for years. Noisy, crowded work environments with high staff turnover and absenteeism simply do not support a positive employee experience, which naturally leads to a less than stellar customer experience. 

Both enterprise and mid-sized businesses have found a new and better way with ATAC. Our speed, nimbleness, and experience allows us to quickly recruit and train highly skilled remote staff from all over North America to handle inbound and outbound sales, customer service, and technical support in multiple languages and channels.

A Unique Level of Flexibility

Whether you need 10 agents or 500 agents, 24/7 operation or just a couple of hours a day, ATAC’s flexible and nimble model virtual staffing model allows us to adjust to your business’s unique needs.

Right-Fit Assessments Ensure Candidate and Program Success

From inbound customer service, outbound surveys, and document scanning to technical support, licensed insurance agents, mortgage underwriters, and sales, ATAC has you covered.

Our Right-Fit assessment pre-screens candidates and evaluates them for skill, aptitude and behavior traits to ensure they are working in the role in which they will be most successful. This means your program is staffed with the best people at all times regardless of skill level and complexity.

Quote request (Insurance, Sales)

Our agents will handle basic quotes and sales request. This request will be sent to your firm in real-time. A copy will also be stored in our database. Prequalifying callers saves time, and keeps your staff focused on closing sales

Answering service | Message taking

ATAC will create a live answering service branded with your company name to take messages. Agents will use custom designed message template at all times. Agent will forward all messages to your attention via email.

Customer service optimization

ATAC can perform a detailed audit then help you to optimize your Customer Service department based on our findings. This service is meant for organizations that already have a Customer Service department in place. However, there are regular issues. For example customers are complaining and unhappy, orders missing or late. Ask about our audit process.

Data Entry

This service saves you from the tedious job of entering data into your system or scanning paper documents to disks. Agent(s) will be trained to enter data into your selected format in a timely fashion based on your guidelines.

Seasonal, Overflow, or Year-Round Support

Have a challenging program you would love to outsource? We can help. Our flexible model allows us to ramp programs up and down quickly and efficiently making ATAC the ideal partner for seasonal contact volume increases and overflow due to new product launches, product recalls, or marketing campaigns.

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