About ATAC

In 2011, ATAC was founded to challenge the status quo of traditional brick and mortar contact centers. With the goal of enabling virtual work opportunities, ATAC transformed the lives of thousands of people who have enjoyed the flexibility of independent careers while learning even better ways to deliver exceptional customer service. Through ATAC’s proprietary, ISO-compliant Remote Agent Certification, work-at-home agents gain the skills and training they need to perform to their full potential in a virtual customer care environment. Both enterprise and mid-sized businesses look to ATAC’s speed, nimbleness, and experience to quickly recruit and train highly skilled staff to handle inbound and outbound sales, customer service, and technical support in multiple languages and channels.

Our Story

ATAC was created based on the vision of Adrian Smith & his wife Tugs Smith. Combined they have over 25 years of customer service and leadership experience. Adrian and Tugs have worked with some of Canada’s most successful Fortune 500 Corporations. In 2010 they decided to focus their experience and passion into developing home-based CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives). In February 2011, ATAC opened for business. Since then, ATAC has played a key role in the exposure of Work from Home Opportunities in the North America Landscape. As a Premier Partner with one of our preferred vendors. ATAC brings to the table a focus on quality over quantity with its ISO certified Remote Certification Programs. ATAC currently works with hundreds of skilled professionals referred to as “Certified Service Professionals (CSP’s)” who have completed their admissions screening process to operate as independent contractors under the ATAC IBO.

The Vision & Mission

“We will develop our team of CSPs to achieve limitless success in the customer service industry. We strongly believe in quality over quantity.  This is our winning formula for creating customer service excellence that will never be forgotten.”

Why do we do this?

ATAC Inc. believes that the future of the BPO / Contact Center industry will need to be in a virtual space with remote agents, supporting existing brick and mortar contact centers. 

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The secret of our success?

Our Team
President & Vice-President
Adrian Smith & Tugs Smith
We are Adrian and Tugs Smith the owners of ATAC. We love what we do and Work from home is our passion! ATAC has the world’s best team of CSP’s and leadership. We have five kids that keep us busy and motivated. When we aren’t in the office, we are spending every moment we can with the kids. Our family loves road trips; the longer, the better. We also enjoy dancing and singing along to cartoon musicals and watching our boys on the football field. We work hard and play hard. That our why, What’s yours?



My Name is Deanna, I have been part of ATAC for two years now. I am from PEI but live in ON. I enjoy doing crafts and volunteering at senior homes.

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