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ATAC Right Fit evaluation

Great work!  your profile will remain in a pending status until you have completed the first evaluation. We will now assess your eligibility to work from home independently in customer service and or sales position. 

You will be using our online evaluation tool; the ATAC Right Fit evaluation.   The ATAC Right Fit evaluation is a series of questions used to screen customer service and sales applicants. The evaluation provides us with a full picture of your potential for customer service, sales, and future management roles.

Your results will be combined with the information submitted on your profile, to match you with the right programs and campaigns. Use the appropriate link above to make your payment of $16 via PayPal. You will then be taken to the Assessment.


  • The evaluation will take 20-25 minuets. 
  • Please ensure that are ready to finish the evaluation in one sitting.  you will only have ONE attempt.
  • Once you start, DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON on your browser OR STOP THE PROCESS.
  • Read and follow all instructions carefully!