May 14, 2020

ATAC Inc, an organization for accelerating the adoption of work from home solutions, recently announced the publication of its Using work-At-Home for Business Continuity in Customer Experience White Paper. This white paper was written for all businesses with an interest in implementing work-at-home solutions, and explains why work-at-home solutions can be an effective option for all businesses improving efficiency and continuity of customer experience delivery to consumers this is essential.


“Customer experience delivery to consumers in North America and around the world has changed dramatically in 2020. Enterprises can no longer assume that the old ways of doing things when it comes to contact center management is acceptable. Rather, no matter the
vertical, companies need to adapt to the reality of cementing consumer loyalty, while at the same time having the best business continuity strategies in place.

It is for this reason that more executives are looking toward a virtualized model as a means of seamless delivery to get through challenging periods, one that uses dispersed agents that
deliver value to end-users from their residences, as opposed to collectively in cental facilities.”


“Enterprises can no longer assume that the old ways of doing things when it comes to contact center management is acceptable.”

atac virtual staffing solutions

“Having the right customer experience services partner in place can make the difference between a well-thought out BCP strategy and one that is slapdash. ATAC has differentiated itself as a provider of home-based virtual contact centre solutions for clients in North America, providing front-line service support to consumers alongside services that drive additional value to enterprises, all with the goal of making their contact centre operations more impervious to sudden changes that could impact delivery.”


Download ATAC Whitepaper here

Using WorkatHome for Business Continuity in Customer Experience. A white paper for ATAC