Job Opportunity: Mortgage Opportunity Announcement

Job Opportunity: Mortgage Opportunity Announcement

Our client is an award winning brokerage based in Toronto Ontario. For 2018 they will be expanding into all Canadian markets. ATAC has an exciting opportunity to grow our team servicing this client. We are seeking two Customer service representatives to assist the Lead Management department. This is a temporary, three-months contract with potential for renewal. Revenue for this program is commission based.

Qualifications/ Requirements:

A professional work environment/ Office (no children, pets or excessive noise)

General knowledge of Windows

General knowledge of Gmail

A clear speaking voice

Financial Experience is an asset

Sales experience is an asset

Must be a registered member of ATAC

If Selected contractors would be responsible for:

  • Promptly entering potential client’s information into the lead management CRM software.
  • Contacting potential clients by phone to complete an intake application and to create a client profile
  • Ensure that information is entered clearly and promptly so that underwriters and intake officers are able to process the applications immediately.

Availability required- (Scheduled TBD)

5-15/week depending on client need

some weekdays

Some weekday evenings

Some weekends

Commission Based Revenue

$2 per email lead transferred correctly into the Lead Management CRM (Average 5-10 emails per hour)

$20 per completed client application completed by phone (2-8 warm leads per hours) Certification Cost: $25 (only to be paid if accepted for this opportunity)




ATAC Land: Balance

ATAC Land: Balance


December, 2017

It is very hard to have work life balance when you are building a business, and even once your business is up and running. What does balance even look like? Do we even need it? Why can’t I eat and breath my work? Like every thing gaining balance is a process. So let’s take some baby steps towards balance. Today I share some simple tips to get started TODAY! I would love to hear some strategies that work for you too. Stay UP and stay Awesome.

“Commuting can be bad for our health, whether it’s packed, delayed trains or mile-long traffic jams.”

Staying positive in a negative situation

Staying positive in a negative situation


November, 2017

Welcome back to ATAC Land! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to kickstart the week!

Today I talk about staying positive in a negative situation. We all go through it and have experienced bad days, however, the first step to turning and negative situation around is to stay positive. Stay positive in the face of adversary, stay positive when things seem to be falling down around you.

In today’s video, I go through some important strategies and tips you can use to help you along your journey!

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“Commuting can be bad for our health, whether it’s packed, delayed trains or mile-long traffic jams.”

Job Opportunity: CSR for HVAC home services

Job Opportunity: CSR for HVAC home services

This may be your opportunity! ATAC Inc. Is looking for Customer Service Advisers that want to work from home. Our client is respected and trusted company, in a world-leading work-from-home contact center specialist. They offer year-round opportunities to provide customer contract services on behalf of some of the most trusted Canadian brands. Use your inbound customer service representative and selling skills to assist and support clients with their product inquiries. Our current Client is “1 of Canada’s top HVAC home services corporations” Essential criteria:

  • Willing to work on self-employed basis
  • Are available to work for 20 hours or more a week
  • Can work within a quiet place from home
  • Must be PC literate
  • Own a PC that has broadband internet connectivity
  • Own a headset compatible with your PC (or willing to buy one)
  • Have a personal landline
  • Willing to undergo a criminal record check

Customer service telephone or selling experience is preferred but not essential. NEXT Certification TRAINING CLASS: December 8th 2017

Intro to ATAC Land

Intro to ATAC Land

Welcome to ATAC Land

November, 2017

I’m super excited to FINALLY share ATAC Land with the world. Over the years Adrian and I have tried to always have time for any dreamer looking for advice on how to grow their dreams and start a business. We had some dreams of our own — ATAC land, a place for entrepreneurs and dreamers to get pure raw information on how to grow their business. Well here it is, we have some great content planned, weekly videos about the growth of our business, how to start and grow your own, tips and advice you can use on your own daily journey towards what success means to you. Be sure to comment on the videos and let us know any topics you want us to cover in the next one! We are excited about this ride. Stay UP, and stay AWESOME!