Job Opportunity: Customer Service Reps

Job Opportunity: Customer Service Reps


Great opportunity to earn money! Uncapped hours. Service (work) as many hours as you can select, with no caps. No long term commitment!

Opportunity overview : Five week temporary contract position for Independent Contactors

Contract classification:  Customer service / Demo calls

ATAC is seeking experienced remote Independent Contractors to service a five-week temporary program.  The ideal candidate must be professional, have strong communication skills and excellent work ethic. Selected agents must be punctual. This is a temporary contract.

Contractors will be accepting inbound calls from our client’s existing staff to “stress test” a new phone system before the system goes into production in February 2020.  Contractors will be supplied with scripts and instructions on how to handle each type of interaction. Contractors may be asked to place outbound calls to the service as well.  All calls will be demo calls, using scripts. There will be no client interactions or selling. 

All contractors must ensure that they have a professional work environment, free from any background noise when in class, and when servicing.




Work from home

Work from home

Looking to earn some money from home? Want to know if it’s the right decision? Read on to find out!

The thought of working from the comfort of one’s home, in the most comfortable environment is a dream for many. But is it productive and helpful? Yes, if you can really focus yourself. There are so many benefits of working from home. Studies have shown that more and more people are choosing to work from the comfort of their homes. Why?

Why work from home is beneficial?

  • Independence
  • No commuting
  • Your time, your rules
  • More productivity

The first thing most work from home employees would tell you when asked for reasons, is the independence they get from it. You don’t have a boss hovering around telling you what to do, you just get a mail, or a call and the rest is up to you. This makes the work environment more stress free and healthy.

The long hours spent in a car or any other form of commute tire us and reduce our energy levels. When you work from home, you can avoid the commute altogether! All you have to do is find the most comfortable spot in your house and delve into your work!

When you work from home, you get to choose the time you work and how you spend it. Maybe you are a stay at home parent who wants to give their kids the time they deserve. Well, a work from home would allow you to make them breakfast and save for their future at the same time!

Work from home really increases the productivity of an individual. A stress free environment, interest, focus and the comfort which you find in your own home will not be present in a cubicle and hence this can help you perform your best. This helps you to achieve your dreams and fulfill your monetary requirements all from the comfort of your couch!

Work from home jobs

Work from home jobs

Choosing a work from home job is a big decision! Is it the right choice for you? Here are the top reasons to choose work from home jobs!

If you have a child you want to take care of, are unable to go to an office or simply love staying at home, a work from job could be the perfect choice! A lot of people are choosing to ditch the office routine and jump on the bandwagon of the latest trend, to work from home!

There are quite a lot of benefits of staying at home and working! With the development in technology, you can pretty much do just about anything from the comfort of your living room sofa or even your own bed! All of this, while earning a good amount of money to support your family and your dreams!

Why work from home?

  • You are in charge of your schedule!
  • More time to be the perfect parent
  • More time to do what you want while earning money!
  • Wear what you want!
  • Tax benefits

The best reason to work from home is to be in charge of what you want to and when you want to do it! You don’t have to suffer through the pains of working a nine to five, getting up early, the commute, nothing! You can even wake up at four a.m. to work! This benefit allows you to make your plans without having to cite work as an excuse!

If you have a child, a work from home job is just what you are looking for! You don’t have to miss out on any of the best moments of your child’s life, nor will your child ever feel like you were not there! You could be the most available parent, while ensuring that your child receives everything they deserve!

With a hectic work schedule, your dreams, your hobbies, all of it, takes a back seat. There is no time to be you! With a work from home job, you could get a chance to figure out if you could be a musician or even a teacher! And you don’t have to worry about your next meal while you pursue your dreams!

Wearing formals isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. With a work from home job, you don’t have to worry about how you look! You could be eating nachos on your bed with your cat while you kill the report and presentation! Isn’t that something out of a dream?

And yes, you do get a few tax benefits that a normal office employee would not! You can write off a few appliances and even your car or home if it comes under the rules and regulations! You could be saving so much money while making the sky your only limit!

Job Opportunity: Mortgage Opportunity Announcement

Job Opportunity: Mortgage Opportunity Announcement

Our client is an award winning brokerage based in Toronto Ontario. For 2018 they will be expanding into all Canadian markets. ATAC has an exciting opportunity to grow our team servicing this client. We are seeking two Customer service representatives to assist the Lead Management department. This is a temporary, three-months contract with potential for renewal. Revenue for this program is commission based.

Qualifications/ Requirements:

A professional work environment/ Office (no children, pets or excessive noise)

General knowledge of Windows

General knowledge of Gmail

A clear speaking voice

Financial Experience is an asset

Sales experience is an asset

Must be a registered member of ATAC

If Selected contractors would be responsible for:

  • Promptly entering potential client’s information into the lead management CRM software.
  • Contacting potential clients by phone to complete an intake application and to create a client profile
  • Ensure that information is entered clearly and promptly so that underwriters and intake officers are able to process the applications immediately.

Availability required- (Scheduled TBD)

5-15/week depending on client need

some weekdays

Some weekday evenings

Some weekends

Commission Based Revenue

$2 per email lead transferred correctly into the Lead Management CRM (Average 5-10 emails per hour)

$20 per completed client application completed by phone (2-8 warm leads per hours) Certification Cost: $25 (only to be paid if accepted for this opportunity)




ATAC Land: Balance

ATAC Land: Balance


December, 2017

It is very hard to have work life balance when you are building a business, and even once your business is up and running. What does balance even look like? Do we even need it? Why can’t I eat and breath my work? Like every thing gaining balance is a process. So let’s take some baby steps towards balance. Today I share some simple tips to get started TODAY! I would love to hear some strategies that work for you too. Stay UP and stay Awesome.

“Commuting can be bad for our health, whether it’s packed, delayed trains or mile-long traffic jams.”

Staying positive in a negative situation

Staying positive in a negative situation


November, 2017

Welcome back to ATAC Land! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to kickstart the week!

Today I talk about staying positive in a negative situation. We all go through it and have experienced bad days, however, the first step to turning and negative situation around is to stay positive. Stay positive in the face of adversary, stay positive when things seem to be falling down around you.

In today’s video, I go through some important strategies and tips you can use to help you along your journey!

Remember to hit that subscribe button for new videos every week! And……….Stay up and stay awesome!


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“Commuting can be bad for our health, whether it’s packed, delayed trains or mile-long traffic jams.”