Interpersonal Relationships, Vision, Direction and Results

Essential to performance at a consistently high level are our abilities in leadership. With these skills we motivate, influence and change behavior. The emphasis on being a leader is on inspiring team members, setting the tone and articulating a vision. It requires acting ethically and decisively, as well as putting other people first.

PERFORM® Manager

Process Efficiency and Output

Essential to performance at a consistently high level are our abilities in management. These skills focus on process efficiency in terms of a team or group output based on set objectives. Managing involves practicing stewardship, directing and being held accountable for resources and responding to the needs of our customers. Managers plan, organize, direct and control teams and groups in achieving product and/or service results, using authority fairly and responsibly.


Self-Knowledge, Contribution and Efficiency

The essential skills to perform at a consistently high level are core skills in self management. These skills are the key to important behavioral and self-efficiency abilities and unless a strong foundation is built at a very early stage of career development, we will invariably fall short in getting results. Targeting these essential skills ensures that we can improve our self-knowledge and productive efficiency and can build on a strong foundation for leader-manager development.

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